Choco Vanilla Musk Perfume for Women and Men, Alcohol-Free Halal Vegan Fragrance

$ 9.95

  • Gourmand Choco Vanilla Musk: A delightful blend of choco, vanilla and secret musk resulting in a soft, inviting aroma with a gourmand-like charm and luxury experience. Blended Perfume Notes:
  • Zoha perfumes offer a distinctive approach, blending essential oils and aroma compounds into a single, seamless perfume note that smells the same in the beginning and upon dry-down.
  • Personal Scent: This special formulation evolves with your skin chemistry, creating a personalized, enduring fragrance oil that's as unique as you are and complements your natural pheromones.
  • Skin Moisturizing Subtle Fragrance: Unlike alcohol-based perfumes, Zoha perfumes don't evaporate quickly and won't overwhelm your senses. Essential oil base subtle scent keeps your skin moisturized.