Bouquet Of Fantasy Flowers. BLANK GREETING CARD. Printed on Extra Heavy Paper Stock.

$ 24.95

These days eMails & Voice Mails are deleted faster than they are received. By contrast traditional, hand signed, Greeting Cards grab attention in a unique manner.

There is something uniquely appealing about the tactile, highly personal way, ink-on- paper cards connect the sender with the recipient. The bottom line is that nine out of ten Americans look forward to receiving greeting cards.

Business and personal relationships are built on personal and consistent contact. Research shows that it takes 5 to 10 exposures to a prospect before a sale is made. IslamiCity Business Greeting Cards are carefully designed to be distinctive and memorable. You can therefore use them to initiate and nurture long term business relationships that are mutually profitable.

Make your customers feel important and appreciated with cost effective IslamiCity Business Greeting Cards.

You will speed up the sales cycle, secure more orders and retain more customers.

7 Beneficial Ways To Use Business Greeting Cards.

* Fund raising.

* Business invitations.

* Corporate announcements.

* Brand building

* Thank you, Business appreciation.

* Hold present customers

* Reestablish old accounts

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Business Greeting Cards Only From IslamiCity:

* Meaningful Islamic art, informative captions & motivational messages are combined in a unique way that is very appealing to customers.

* We can personalize as few as 50 Greeting Cards for your business.

* The cost per card is affordable & very competitive, even for small orders.

* Greeting cards show the recipient that he/she is special.

* We can mail out Greeting Cards on your behalf. Call 310 642 0006 ext 202 to discuss affordable mailing options.

* Substantial discounts applied to large orders.

Your purchase of IslamiCity Greeting Cards can make a difference .

IslamiCity is a Non Profit Organization. Your purchases help support our mission of outreach and Islamic education.


* Cards are printed on heavyweight white paper stock that allowsfor handwritten messages with a ball point pen.

* Folded card size : 5 1/4" x 7 1/4".

* Premium matching envelopes included, size 5.25" x 7.25".

* Plenty of space allocated for your corporate logo and message OR use our standard messages.