Advice from the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace. 12 x 15 inches Faux Canvas Frame.

$ 69.95

Advice from the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace.

The English translation reads,
"Do what you should do when you should do it. Refuse to do what you should not do. And, when it is not clear, wait until you are sure".

Prayer is an important spiritual practice in Islam. In prayer the believer sets aside time to interact with his or her Creator, to develop a personal relationship with God, to express gratitude for countless blessings, to acknowledge failings and finally to ask for help.

Our Collection of Framed Islamic Dua's features supplications used by the great Prophet's and Saint's in the past. Many of these Dua's are mentioned in the Holy Quran itself. So we can be absolutely sure that they are appropriate and effective.

* Overall  Frame Size: About  12'' x 15"
* Image Size:  11" x 14"
* Media:  Long Life, Faux Canvas.

* Language: English translation from original Arabic.

Powerful Islamic Dua's have been matched with elegant Islamic art and professional framing.  The result: YOU get  ready to hang, professionally framed Islamic art at the lowest prices in the market PLUS the convenience of online shopping from your own home.

Ideal for most gifting occasions. We invite you to share these beautifully presented Dua's with the people you care for most and to use them personally as needed.

Caution: This is a work of  sacred art and like all fine art it must be protected from direct sunlight, water, smoke, etc.

Warning: Do not compare with cheap, mass produced, poster prints. These museum quality images have been  created using the latest technology. 

Safe Shipping Guarantee: We guarantee that your framed art will reach you safely. In the unlikely event of damage during transit we will ship a replacement promptly.