Prophet Migration

$ 89.00
By Dhad

Your children will learn the story of migration. and where the Prophet began.. and where he ended.. who he passed by.. what did he do.. who was his companion.. and how did they go..etc.

☆ Your children will acquire many values, they will learn a lot through the stories and situations of the Prophetic migration that can be explained and applied through the appendices of the " The Prophet's Migration path" panel.

☆ They will never forget how the Prophet (PBUH) , emigrated.

The board size is 40 * 24 * 0.8 cm.. It has been carefully made of high quality wood
The accessories consist of the following (two-dimensional) models:
☆ Kaaba
☆ House of Sayyidah Khadija bint Khuwaylid
☆ Thor cave
☆ Two men (Abdullah bin Abi Bakr and the Trip Guide)
☆ Two ladies (Asma bint Abi Bakr and Umm Ma'bad)
☆ Mrs. Umm al-Khuza'iyyah tents
☆ The Knight and the Horse ( Saraqa bin Malik)
☆ 4 sheep
☆ palm
☆ Camel
☆ Dome of the Prophet's Mosque