Montessori Arabic Alphabet Box

$ 99.00
By Dhad

Made of natural wood with high quality, distinctive material, stable bright colors and a wonderful texture for each letter.

☆ The letter box is one of the important tools that stay with the child for a long time, through which the child learns writing, spelling and reading.

☆ The box consists of 5 repetitions for each letter.. 2 separate and 3 connected
In addition to 10 repetitions of the diacritics (Fatha - Damma - Kasra - Shadda – Sukoun)
The following letters (ا و ى ع غ هـ) come with 8 to 10 recurrences

☆ The box has an activity connected to it in the journey of learning letters
- Configuration and writing board: to recognize shapes and words and then build words with letters and write them in his handwriting

☆ Box design: size 44 * 34 cm
Letter length: 5 cm - 3 mm thick