Modern Kufic Allah | Islamic Pendant

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Exclusive Limited Edition [New Item] 
  • Modern Kufic Allah | Islamic Pendant This beautiful 18K gold plated stainless steel piece features la ilaha illallah in kufic calligraphy. As Muslims, we all know that “La ilaha illallah” is the first part of our Shahadah (declaration of faith) and is the first of the 5 pillars of Islam. It means that we deny worship to other gods except for Allah Sub'hana Wa Ta'ala. It asserts that Allah Sub'hana Wa Ta'ala must be worshipped without any partners. (
  • FITS GREAT Designed with an adjustable chain length size of 22 inches (max) and minimum 16 inches.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC Made with stainless steel, all of our jewelry is safe for those with sensitive skin.
  • HIGH QUALITY Our products are made to last and come with our quality guarantee to not tarnish, fade, or stain.
  • BOLD | ELEGANT | MODERN Salaam Gallery products are packaged ready to be gifted in a felt pouch with a personalized thank you note
  • CHOOSE YOUR FINISH This pendant is available in 18K gold plated.