Donation for IslamiCity Dawa Center

$ 10.00

The IslamiCity Dawa Center responds to daily inquiries about Islam from individuals and institutions.  We also fulfill over 200 Quran requests from non muslims every month. After we send the Qurans, we call everyone who has provided us with their phone number to ask if they have questions about the Quran and Islam. Through this process, over 1400 new Muslims have taken Shahada via IslamiCity.

IslamiCity was launched in February 1995. We provide a non-sectarian, comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims. We cultivate peace, inspire action, explore positive solutions and encourage purposeful living through the universal teachings of Islam.  

Your donation to is tax deductible. IslamiCity is a 501c3 non profit organization. Our federal Tax ID number is 95-4348674.