Pair of Compasses - Qibla Key Rings

$ 11.95

Pair (2 unit) of Qibla Finder (Compass) in a key chains!

Makes it easy to figure out the direction of the Qiblah. Reminds you of the need to pray every time you open a lock!!! Ideal for travelers and those who spend long hours driving.

An inexpensive and useful gift item. You use one and give the other unit to your friend or your family, so when they use it, you will get ajar (reward).

1) Place the open Qibla Finder on a flat surface like your desk.

2) If you see the pointer (magnetic needle) moving around, then you are OK.

3) Rotate the Qibla Finder until  the moving pointer is aligned with the "Mecca" symbol on the dial.

4) That is your Qibla.